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DEM-DEC in a nutshell

The Democratic Decay Resource (DEM-DEC) is an online resource designed to assist researchers and policymakers focused on the deterioration of democratic rule worldwide – and to help them work together.

DEM-DEC provides an information hub and platform for collaboration through a mixture of curated and user-generated content, including an Experts Database, Events Database, Research Updates, Teaching Materials, Concept Index, and Links.

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A resource for studying a global challenge


The incremental deterioration of democratic rule worldwide is one of the most pressing global challenges today. Academics and policymakers are indispensable to the search for greater understanding of this phenomenon, and to the search for potential solutions.  This website is intended to provide useful information on democratic decay, to frame the research area, to address conceptual confusion, to bring together experts who are working in this area, and to provide teaching resources to help students better understand this threat. Overall, it aims to aid the assessment of evidence-based concerns against a backdrop of often unhelpful alarmism — or complacency.  Although primarily aimed at public lawyers (i.e. those working on constitutional, international and transnational law), this resource is also intended to be useful to scholars in other disciplines, as well as policymakers. The information here complements existing initiatives, including the Democratic Erosion website, which is one of the Resource partners (see Partners below). 


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Dr Tom Gerald Daly explains the thinking behind the Resource

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As well as providing a Concept Index, Experts DatabaseBibliography, Teaching materials, and Links to a range of sites, this Resource collates information on forthcoming events worldwide relevant to the study of democratic decay: see the Events section for details.

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