A wide range of people and organisations have been helpful in the creation of this resource.



So many scholars have aided my thinking, through chats in person and by e-mail, and by sharing their research, including: Kim Lane Scheppele, Jan-Werner Muller, Tom Ginsburg, Dan Kelemen, Dimitry Kochenov, Laurent Pech, Gábor Halmai, Petra Bard, Vlad Perju, Rui Tavares, László Bruszt, Cassie Emmons, Micha Wiebusch, Wojciech Sadurski, Martin Krygier, Ros Dixon, David Landau, and Richard Albert. 

A particular thank you to Tomasz Koncewicz, who hosted me as a Visiting Professor at the University of Gdansk in July 2017, which turned out to be a crucial turning point for democratic decay in Poland.

Sincere thanks also to Micha Wiebusch and Pola Cebulak, who invited me to Brazil in January 2018 for a week-long workshop with the Regional and Constitutional Structures in Tension (RCST) Network. Thanks also to Brazilian scholars who have aided my understanding of the Brazilian context: Juliano Zaiden Benvindo, Fabia Vecoso, Luis Bogliolo.

Finally, my appreciation to my colleagues on the Constitution Transformation Network (ConTransNet), who have helped to shape my thinking, and who have been supportive of this project: Cheryl Saunders, Will Partlett, Anna Dziedzic, Charmaine Rodriques and Arturo Villagrán. Travel for ConTransNet activities has also allowed me to gain a better understanding of key states, such as the Philippines. Thanks also to scholars in the Philippines, such as Dante Gatmaytan, Miriam Colonel-Ferrer, and Michael Henry Yusingco, who have shared their research and insights.

A vote of appreciation also goes to those who have attended the Democratic Decay Reading Group established by Tarun Khaitan and I in March 2017, and who have enriched my thinking: Iddo Porat, Dinesha Samararatne, Raul Sanchez-Urribarri, Roberto Foa and Glenn Patmore. 



My sincere thanks also to a range of policymakers in leading organisations including Michael Meyer-Resende from Democracy Reporting International (DRI) and Sumit Bisarya from International IDEA, who have helped to shape my thinking and who have provided me with a platform and connected me with other scholars. 



Finally, a most sincere vote of gratitude goes to the first cohort of students to take my JD Legal Research course on 'Understanding Democratic Decay Worldwide'. They have been integral to shaping my thinking on the subject, and through their questions and debates, have helped me pinpoint what is most important in the field and how to address the complexity of the field in accessible language. 

Kimberley Chee, Dinithi De Alwis, Rhiannon Galletti, Lucy Green, Jessica Koops, Georgina Langford, Liam McCarthy, Tess McGuire, Tess McIntyre, Imman Saaoud, Eli Solomon, Alex Theile, Georgie Tweedy, Gus Viola, Jakob Von der Lippe, Edward Vong. 

JD Class Group Photo.png