This section aims to provide a useful bibliography of research on democratic decay. The bibliography spans constitutional, international and transnational law, political science, and policy, but has a strong focus on research by public lawyers. The bibliography will be updated regularly based on new additions and suggestions from website users. 



Suggest an addition by filling out the form below. It should be noted that the bibliography aims to include research that is squarely within the (rather broad) rubric of democratic decay, as described in the Concept Index section. See the Bibliography Updates section for monthly updates providing additional research based on new publications and suggestions from DEM-DEC users.

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Rather than providing an extended introduction to this bibliography, it appears useful to highlight a number of key points and trends. The first is that there has been a veritable avalanche of new research in this area in the past three years, and it has increased year on year. The second is that a number of key countries are clear 'hot spots' for such research (i.e. Hungary, Poland, USA, Venezuela) while others are understudied, especially in English-language literature (e.g. Brazil). Third is that, outside policy reports, few works attempt a genuinely global perspective on the topic: although many analyses are based on exercises in comparative constitutional law, this is usually to serve extended analysis of 1-2 selected countries. Fourth, as far as the role of international organisations is concerned, the literature on the EU dwarfs that on any other international organisation, although a number of highly useful comparative works can be found. 



Broadly following the approach adopted in Oxford Bibliographies, this bibliography is not divided by publication type (i.e. monographs, edited collections, articles, etc) but is organised thematically and geographically: see below. 

To aid users, entries are marked with a symbol indicating the type of publication listed, as follows: Ⓜ Monograph  Ⓔ Edited collection Ⓒ Book chapter Ⓐ Journal article ⓦ Working paper/conference paper Ⓑ Blog post Ⓟ Policy report

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A   Themes

  1. Framing the Research Field and Concepts

  2. Background Reading: The Rises and Falls of Democracy

  3. The Global Crisis of Democracy: Recent Research

  4. Endurance, Resilience and Transformation

  5. Constitutionalism, Democracy, Liberalism and Rule of Law

  6. The 4 'Isms': Authoritarianism, Fascism, Populism, Totalitarianism

  7. Hybrid Regimes and Modern Authoritarianism

  8. Law as a Weapon: Hollowing Out Democracy

  9. Law as a Shield: Defending Democracy

B    World Regions

  1. Europe

  2. North America

  3. Latin America

  4. Asia

  5. Africa

C    International organisations

  1. General/comparative

  2. European Union (EU)

  3. Organisation of American States (OAS)


  5. African Union (AU)

  6. Commonwealth


a   themes


1    framing the research field and concepts


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2   background reading: the rises and falls of democracy

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4   Endurance, Resilience and Transformation

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5    Constitutionalism, Democracy, Liberalism and Rule of Law

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6    The 4 'Isms': Authoritarianism, Fascism, Populism, Totalitarianism


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7    hybrid regimes and modern authoritarianism

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Abusive comparative law


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Autocratic legalism

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Constitutional capture


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Stealth authoritarianism

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NOTE: A number of additional sub-concepts may be added shortly, e.g. abusive judicial review. 

Abusive impeachment

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Permanent states of emergency

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Unconstitutional constitutional amendments

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NOTE: Additions will be made to this section soon, including literature on the special counsel mechanism in the USA.

Civic education

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Rights innovations

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Self-enforcing constitutions

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b    world REGIONs


1  europe & middle east


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I-CONnect symposium on ‘constitutional capture in Israel’

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