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Partnership is aimed at organisational affiliation by research centres, research networks, academic blogs, policy bodies and other organisations. If you think this resource is useful, and wish to support its development, fill out the form in the Partners section. Alternatively, contact DEM-DEC Director Tom Daly informally at and we can discuss possible partnership. The baseline for partnership is simply provision of 'moral support' and assistance with publicising the resource. Partnership may also take a variety of other forms (e.g. funding, joint projects), as mutually agreed. 


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This resource is designed to expand over time. Feel free to suggest or send any additions, particularly to the Concept Index, Research, and Teaching sections. Please use a Feedback Form, where supplied. Otherwise, e-mail us at


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The Experts Database currently provides relatively short lists of experts in a variety of academic and policy fields. If you wish to be added to the list, please fill out the form at the start of the Experts Database section. In order to keep the list manageable and useful, please do not seek addition unless analysis of democratic decay or re-thinking democracy forms a significant (or, ideally, central) part of your research.

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The Teaching section aims to provide a range of teaching resources from public lawyers and others teaching courses on democratic decay and renewal.  Feel free to send your teaching resources to for upload in the Teaching section. 



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Maintaining a resource like this requires significant time and effort. We are looking for volunteer website editors, ideally early career scholars - including JD, Master and Ph.D scholars - who can assist with updating and managing the website. 

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