Updates to the Main DEM-DEC Bibliography (finalised on 24 June 2018) will be issued on the first Monday of each month.

The first monthly update, below, was issued on 6 August 2018, based on new publications and suggestions from users of DEM-DEC. All updates should be read in conjunction with the Main Bibliography

Don't forget: you can suggest additions for future updates by filling out the form on the Main Bibliography page, or e-mailing democraticdecay@gmail.com directly.


August Update

DEM-DEC Bibliography - August Update (6 August 2018)

This first monthly Bibliography update contains a raft of new academic research from July 2018, key items from Jan.-June 2018, a list of forthcoming research, and suggested additions from DEM-DEC users.

DEM-DEC Biblio_Aug Update_ChimpMail.png