This section contains lists of experts working in the area of democratic decay. It currently has a strong focus on public law scholars but has been expanded to include non-law scholars and policy actors. The list is provided as an effort to begin mapping the global community of experts in this area, to foster links between them, and to chart their research and expertise. Where possible, a hyperlink has been added to each expert’s online profile.  


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Sources and Scope

These lists have been compiled through various sources: Tom Daly's existing network of experts focused on democratic decay, scholars listed in the Bibliography section, and perusal of previous and forthcoming event notices (e.g. ICON and IACL conferences, for instance: see the Events section). As indicated above, there is a strong focus on public lawyers. There is also a focus on scholars writing in the English language.


The general approach has been to provide hyperlinks to each expett’s main (e.g. university, organisation) profile. When this is not available an alternative (e.g., LinkedIn profile) has been linked if available in English. Where a profile is available solely in a non-English language, it is possible to use the 'Translate to English' function in your web browser.


Basic keywords have been added beneath each name, in order to aid users to identify possible collaborators or sources more readily. These keywords are based on a mixture of each expert’s public profile and existing research. The first keyword is the expert’s nationality or base, to give users a sense of each expert’s location or perspective. If you are included in any of the lists in this section (and happy to be listed) feel free to send your preferred keywords to