'Democratic Backsliding and Human Rights' - College of Law and Business, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2-3 January 2019

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This event is invitation-only.

A web site will be created in due course, where the drafts of the papers will be posted.

The workshop will explore the phenomenon of democratic backsliding from theoretical and comparative perspectives. We will discuss instances of democratic backsliding across the globe and raise questions such as what is democratic backsliding? How can we distinguish between democratic backsliding and legitimate changes in legal, political and social structures? What are the causal, ideological and reciprocal links between democratic backsliding and the protection of human rights? What are the risk factors that facilitate democratic backsliding? What are the common denominators of processes of democratic backsliding? What strategies can be used to prevent democratic backsliding?

Selected papers, following doub;le blind peer review, will be published in the fourteenth volume of Law and Ethics of Human Rights.