'Confronting Illiberalism: The Role of the Media, Civil Society and Universities' - Bonavero Institute of Human Rights, University of Oxford, 9 October 2018

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Confronting Illiberalism: The role of the Media, Civil Society and Universities

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Kate O'Regan, Helen Mountfield QC and others

Week:MT109 Oct 2018, 9:15AM to 5:30PM


Conference to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Debate: Democracy & "The People" - Palais de l'Europe, Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France, 19 September 2018

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On 19 September 2018, to mark the International Day of Democracy, the Directorate General of Democracy and the Conference of INGOs are organising a debate entitled: Democracy & “The People”, aiming to re-assert the value of our democratic institutions based on individual human rights, civic participation in public decision-making and the rule of law.

'Challenges to EU Law and Governance in the Member States' - EUI, Florence, Italy, 8 June 2018

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Eurosceptic and nationalist forces have been gaining ground in many Member States. The ideal
of an ever closer union, built on fundamental freedoms and the rule of law, has been shaken
by the UK’s decision to leave the EU and by illiberal democratic developments in Hungary and
Poland. The free movement of citizens, economic migration and the influx of third-country
refugees tend to be particularly controversial in the Member States.

2018 APSA Annual Meeting - 'Democracy and Its Discontents' - Boston, USA, 30 August-2 September 2018

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Democracy and Its Discontents

The theme for this year’s meeting of the American Political Science Association is Democracy and Its Discontents. These are challenging times for democracy. In many established democracies, the aftermath of the 2008 and the 2011 economic crises is opening up new spaces for new challengers and popular grievances. The complex relationship between national systems of rule and a global economy is leading to greater tensions both within democracies and between them. Existing rules and party systems are under strain as new cleavages emerge, with populism, nativism, and illiberalism all jostling for popular support, as well as new experiments in representation.

'Constitutionalism and Constitutional Design in Democratic Recession' - SPSA Annual Conference, Belgrade, Serbia, 23-24 September 2018

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Application deadline: 1 July 2018

Constitutions were seen as a crucial component of democratization and conflict regulation in the last few decades. As a result, related studies in normative political theory, constitutional law, comparative politics and democratisation studies grew substantially. And yet, global democratic recession, which have confronted old and new democracies in the last few years, raises important questions about the role of constitutionalism and constitutional design in the new context.

Conference - 'Democratic Failure' - Boston University School of Law, USA, 28 September 2018

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Democratic Failure

We invite you to attend a conference on Democratic Failure to be held at Boston University School of Law on Friday, September 28.

For some time, discourse about democracy in the United States and around the world has been marked by concerns about dysfunction, extreme partisanship, and deadlock. More recently, this discourse has taken a darker, even apocalyptic turn, to talk about crisis, failure, or death. What is democratic failure? Does it presuppose a conception of democratic success and of the preconditions for success? How does democratic failure differ from or relate to other political or constitutional maladies, such as dysfunction, crisis, or rot? How might a democracy fail? How might it be saved?