Information on the 7 October Brazilian elections and the threat to democracy


On 7 October the public votes on the following elections in Brazil:

  • The Presidency (4-year term, with re-election to a second term possible)

  • The full Chamber of Deputies (lower house: 513 members)

  • Two-thirds of the Senate (upper house 81 members)

  • State governorships and legislative houses.


The presidential elections have provoked serious concern, given that the presidency is an extremely powerful position in Brazil. The front-runner in the polls is Jair Bolsonaro, a deputy known for far-right, pro-dictatorship, pro-torture and anti-human rights views.

The booklet above provides a compilation of 10 of the most concerning quotes from Bolsonaro’s political career. It was distributed to news agencies and other organisations as a useful information aid in advance of the vote.


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Luis Paolo Bogliolo provides a very useful explainer of the Brazilian elections, and the stakes for democracy in Brazil, here.

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A Very Useful Explainer