Since the end of January 2019, DEM-DEC’s team has been growing. We now have three new team members: Joining Research Editor Kuan-Wei Chen are Anant Sangal (also Research Editor), and our new Funding & Communications Coordinator Konstantina Yaneva. Anant’s bio will be uploaded shortly.

Delighted to have you all on board!


Konstantina YANEVA

Funding & Communications Coordinator


Konstantina Yaneva is a recent graduate of Columbia University in political science and human rights. Based in Paris, she currently works with the Conseil Régional Île-de-France. Her research interests include disinformation, cyberwarfare and international security strategies.


Kuan-Wei CHEN

Research Editor


Kuan-Wei Chen is a doctoral student at the Faculty of Law at University of Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) in Germany, and an LL.M. in Public Law at National Taiwan University (2016), with working experiences in the transnational law firm and the Judicial Yuan (Constitutional Court) in Taiwan. Her research interests include constitutional law, international human rights law, and democracy. Her current research focuses on the challenges of democracy in the digital era and the related human rights protection issues.



Research Editor


Anant is a student of B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) at the National Law University Delhi, India. He is deeply interested in Indian constitutional law, jurisprudence, and political theory. He has written extensively on the issues of affirmative action in India as well as on Indian secularism. A big fan Jürgen Habermas, Hans Morgenthau, and Richard Bellamy, his central interest is in the intersection of law and politics.