Since the end of January 2019, DEM-DEC has a new team member! Kuan-Wei Chen, a doctoral researcher in law at the University of Munich, will start by assisting with production of the monthly Research Update. You can read her profile below.

Delighted to have you on board, Kuan-Wei!


Kuan-Wei CHEN

DEM-DEC Editor


Kuan-Wei Chen is a doctoral student at the Faculty of Law at University of Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) in Germany, and an LL.M. in Public Law at National Taiwan University (2016), with working experiences in the transnational law firm and the Judicial Yuan (Constitutional Court) in Taiwan. Her research interests include constitutional law, international human rights law, and democracy. Her current research focuses on the challenges of democracy in the digital era and the related human rights protection issues.